Monday, March 21, 2005

Ms Miller

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A true dedicated teacher who has been working in Grantwood since 1968.
She gave me a ride to the school everyday . As soon as we got down the car, her students would swarm around us sharing some exciting news.
She was very jovial and fun loving woman with a real funny tone of speaking.

Thanks for all the help Ms Miller. I appreciate it:).


Thursday March 10 was my last day at Grantwood and I really enjoyed student teaching. The kids were extraordinarily sharp for the class. They had their own strengths and their needs and knew how to get what they wanted. Well, every thing started out in a very pleasant way fro me. The kids were very polite and complacent for the first week. The second week I was old to them and then they turned out a new leaf (well, as per the teacher the honey moon was over). They challenged me with their behaviors and often made me feel useless and worthless. As my friend Mary puts in these “small little biddy things” caused me the most tension of all. I came up with new strategies for teaching and controlling behavior and to a great extent every thing was fine.
However we had another three new kids added to our class and this was another new challenge. The cooperating teacher herself was apprehensive as to how things would turn.
However it was my responsibility to calm them and prove myself.
They put me through several tests. They literally made me go through a period of self- realization, self- evaluation. I was now able to be more assertive, more precise in my directions and improved my skills in problem solving.
Well, all the above terms seemed to be real great one right? But believe me, I really had gone through all these in my 8 weeks of student teaching and then was relieved to have finished a part of my assignment:)( You see, I am working for a grade too).
Over all the story ended well.
Now I am looking forward to an exciting experience at West Branch Middle school. Will update about this interesting place as soon as I can.

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