Saturday, December 03, 2005

A loooong break

It's been months since I have updated my blog.
Many changes have occcured and I was terribly busy with them.

Graduation: I graduated with my Master's degree:). Soo far it is the happiest day of my life . Though I was happy that I could at last wear the gown and the hat which I always dreamt of, the best part of having my loved ones with me. It was fabulous. I had my best buddy come over while my old room mate and my other roomamte's family and friends were there. You know those special occasions when you have all the relatives gather?It was just like that. I got ot walk on the podium and recieve my degree which was soooo fabulous. But more than that I enjoyed the College of Education's graduate ceremony. I was the last to pick up my degree and of course the one to recieve longer period of applause. That was such a special moment. For all the struggles I went through, it was worth it.

Job Search: This was a very tedious but an eye opening task. I had to do a lot of research to find a job. In the begginning was very dissapointed for not getting any responses. Filling out the lengthy applications, sending out recommendation letters and copies of transcripts to all the districts and following up by calling them and waiting ofr their calls, attending jobfairs in different places Oh gosh! it was something. I worked on this for a period of 4 months and the furits started yielding at the end. Four great job offers in my kitty. Oh boy I felt so good about it and chose the one which fitted my interests.

Moving; This was tough . Especially because I hadn't recived the contract from any of the districts which wanted to hire me till August. I had to pressurize them and was waiting for the opportunity to just start moving to the one which I got first.At last I was able to get into one of them and had the opportunity to spend with my friends before relocating to California.

Getting adjusted: New job, new place and new environment. Again , I felt very depressedand overwhelemed with the responsibilities of finding an apartment closer to my work place, setting the classroom, attending the orientation sessions etc. The best part was making new friends and having old ones help me out . I had a very rough time with my class. It is my first experience teaching in the US as a full time employee. I had students who were labelled as emotionally disturbed who had some pretty serious problems. My emotional situation did not improve a bit. After all this hardwork for the past 6 months, I had to continue to keep up my spirit and strivce hard to manage the class. There were many challenges and I had to question my credibility as a teacher. However, my perseverence keeps me going. Right now I am able to manage the class in a better way than before and am hoping things will settle down pretty soon.
However, everyday is a challenge and you learn somethign new about the students and their behaviors. I am still learning and hope to soon use my practical experience in coming up with better strategies for teaching.

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