Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A lazy transition

I feel so terrible when I realize how lazy I am. Though I am not much an outdoor person, I do like to be mobile and always engrossed in something. But it is an irony that though, I hate being lazy, I am most of the times doing much less than I can. Of late things have been moving at a very slow pace for me. Making arrangements to relocate to MA was not that tedious a task but a very nagging and boring experience. I had been busy packing up my stuff, cleaning up my apartment and making plans to move to MA. I was stuck in my apartment all day. My eating and sleeping habits changed. I ate two times a day and slept at 4:00 am in the morning. Glued to my laptop, I would keep searching for jobs, checking my emails every 5 minutes, working on packing off my stuff, calling friends to donate off my belongings and then watching the news on T.V. The only fun thing was talking to my hubby on the phone who would call me every now and then. The whole day I would feel soooooooo lazzzzzzzzzzzzzy. While weighing my baggage I found out that I gained 10 extra pounds, which made me feel more miserable. After few hours of research, Found out that I need to consume only 1200 calories everyday and burn more calories to reduce my weight. Well, this helped me to get over my laziness as I started working out. I felt much better and was glad to see my tummy flatten a bit.

Apart from the above I was making plans A and B to dispose off (or rather donate) all my belongings. I was really amazed at the stuff I accumulated in 11 months. Though I maintain a very simple and Spartan lifestyle, I was really surprised at the number of things I accumulated. Gosh! I gave away a small truckload of stuff and I still had some left in my apartment for my neighbor. I had packed 7 boxes and mailed them to MA. My checking baggages were 15 oz. overweight and my back with my heavy backpack. I made sure not to open my stroller as I had stuffed in a lot of things and it would not close if I opened it.
So the last few days I had some more activity and I was glad for not being stationary. However, after I checked in at the airport, I started feeling bored and lazzy again. Oh how I wanted to get rid of it. I took out my Ipod to listen to some songs, but that did not last for a long time. Then I decided to visit a nearby store with all sort of fancy candies. I was lured but my calorie chart shooed me off from buying anything.

At last after the 6 and half hour journey, I landed in Manchester. I was so relieved to see my husband. I liked the cool weather of New Hampshire. After arriving in MA, I was able to make it to some interviews, and be busy a couple of days. The rest of the days, I still feel lazy. Though I do engross myself in cleaning up the place, cooking new recopies, watching the latest on Middle East crisis and checking my mails, I feel so lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy and boring.

I have been making plans to visit the gym and again work on my weight but I am soooooooo lazzzzzzzzzzzy. Well, it's time I do something. I am going to break the ice today and make sure I become more organized.

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