Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I know that I am extremely sensitive person and when I get upset, whatever, the reason might be, I just can't concentrate on anything and am totally disturbed. Any sort of excitement which I might come across is short lived as there is a cognitive dissonance and I tend to realize that I am not happy and I cannot enjoy that moment because of something which happened in the past.

This took a toll on my immune system. Last year, when I was going through such a phase, I had a terrible cold which lasted for more than 3 weeks, my voice was hoarse, I coughed a lot and was very weak. I just couldn't take it anymore. Trying to introspect as to what went wrong with my health, I cogitated over ways I could strengthen my immune system. I kept thinking about my patterns of illness and stress and realized that they both were related. Every time I get stressed, I fall sick and the illness lasts longer debilitating me.

I still remember the day in fall, last year, how sick I was. The school had just started and I was having an extremely difficult student to deal with. Every day I would go home thinking of what else I could do to help the student and myself, as that was the only way I would feel better. But, it did not feel right that I was blaming myself for everything. I asked myself " Why am I sad?" I immediately got the answer. However, I knew I had to find a solution to the problem. So the next question I asked myself was "What will make me happy?". Thinking about the latter helped me immensely. Gosh! I felt great when I thought of all the things which could make me happy. Those thoughts motivated me to think of possible solutions for my stressful situation.

Asmall shift in my thoughts and restructuring helped me cope up with my situation. I use that strategy every now and then when I feel low.

Most of the times we are wandering in search of answers, relief from problems and some solace from external sources. Hardly do we realize that each of us have the intrinsic power to achieve what we want.

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