Friday, April 06, 2007

"We make a difference. What do you do? "

I remember when I was young, I was often asked the question, and “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer would be a doctor, engineer, airhostess or a teacher depending on my mood, the people who influenced me at that time or what I heard from my peers. However, as II grew, my thinking, my values, and my passion to serve the society helped me decide a career. Though the profession itself was challenging, I also had to work hard to get accepted by many of them for what I was doing. Though it does sound ridiculous, the truth is that not many revere teaching profession and teachers.

However, teachers play an important role in building the society. But these same teachers do not receive enough respect and gratitude for all they put in their work. I had to face many challenges to become a teacher. My credibility was questioned several times. Even the very educated who themselves were involved in some type of social work or the other, condemned my profession. Even more, according to these same "social entrepreneurs" working with students with special needs who they label as "mad" is the cheapest job one can do. These words are from those who have degrees, who are from "educated" families, who "seem" to be involved in community activities and care for the society more than anyone else but still do not have any respect for the "teaching" profession.
According to many, teaching is not a career or a profession but is an option, which a less intelligent or less capable person takes up.

My question to all those educated illiterates is that where did the doctors, engineers, astronauts, entrepreneurs or whatever emerge from? Where do they go to acquire those skills and improve themselves? Are they born with those abilities? How many in this world are what they are without their parents (who are also the primary teachers) or their teachers? If no one passed on the knowledge to the next generation or even to the ones who they knew, would we be what we are today? So why are those people who pass on their knowledge, values and skills mistreated? Why are they not given a better status of not the best status in the society?

My question to each and everyone out there who disrespect teachers or who do not believe in teaching profession is,“ We make a difference. What do you do?”

WOW!!! Hats off to u Swapna...So true...I am faced with several similar situations where I am proud to say early childhood education and responses I get will be "oh Nursery", "oh montessory" and I say 'yaa it does not make any sense to u coz u never understood how u learnt ur ABCs and your numbers...' Ofcourse dealing with special needs children is a tough career and I am proud of you that you are doing so well...Surely it is making a difference who need the forget about rest of the dummies!
nice one mam..was searchin for spoorthi(encouragment in google) happened to see this post...nice one mam...i am proud of my teachers its becoz of them i am here in IIT and i still go summer vacations to meet them..nway why all this scrap..lite le..nice post
your blog is really nice , it simply tells how beautiful your thoughts are ! Great wrok
So true. Without teachers, all we got is "bunch of dummies"
helo mam
didnt know how else to address u..
dnt hav words to appreciate the path u hav chosen...i had similar dreams.. of being a child psychologist.. but due to unavoidable reasons, i never got to pursue my dream.. wud like to get to know u better... and hey... my name is swapna too.. m an andhrite too.. and me a taurean too!!! amazing..dnt u think so.. pls do get back to me at wud b waiting mam..
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I am proud of you and keep doing the good work that you are doing. It takes one person like you to show the world that teachers can make a significant difference. You can also show to other teachers how to stand up for themsleves and define a superior status for their profession in the society.

How come you didn't post details and pictures of the workshops that you did in India?
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